Rowbike is the combination of both bicycle and rowing machine which creates a new workout for our legs and abs. There are simultaneous functioning of a rowing machine implemented in it. To power this we should use our arms and legs in the rowing machine by giving a whole body workout which engages our core and back.

Work out your legs and abs using RowBike

Up to 50% or more than the expected calories can be removed by using RowBike than compared to riding traditional bikes. It also comes in four wheels for comfort of users and costs around £1,888.

Riding this Rowbike will give an individual as many as benefits he/ she gets while doing workout. It gives the workout to the core which gives a perfect exercise to the back. This bike is slow moving bike compared to the normal bike but when compared to the burning of calories it tops the list.

So overall this bike is made to provide total body fitness with zero impact by allowing riders to go through complete strength and cardio workout. We can go for a ride on this bike while exercising our body.  

You can find their website here.