How to save your mobile battery from draining quickly



The battery of your mobile drain down on excessive tasks similar to a car running out of gas for hauling tons of junk. You are halfway to your daily job and you figure out that you are down to frightening ten percent battery. So before you start looking for power cords to charge, lets take a look into how you can optimize battery life.

How most of the battery power gets drain

Beside screen brightness, which is an obvious thing, lets take a look into key contributions. Most of the battery power gets chewed up

  1. when your phone searches for Wi-Fi or bluetooth signals or
  2. because of those annoyingly helpful push app notifications or
  3. it is being used for navigation, as GPS requires your phone to constantly refresh its location .

So how can you keep your battery afloat without avoiding doing the stuff that actually makes your device useful. One of the most easiest things to do is to close programs that you don’t need running. Use a process tab and task manager on  Windows pc or the running apps tab under settings and apps on most android phones, to see what processes are using the most resources. In case of iOS double tap to force quit.

Commonly devices are loaded with bloatware installed by the manufacturer who’s usefulness is questionable at best. They often do nothing except for chewing power. So try and stop it from running or better uninstall the bloatware completely if you can.  

Also be sure to turn off your Wi-Fi if you’re in an area without fast hot spots. But on the other side if Wi-Fi is an option to use, I suggest using that over your cell network .  Wi-Fi is actually easier on your battery than cellular network.

Disabled location tracking on GPS enabled devices if you aren’t using them.  

The easiest way is to get an external battery bank which can charge your devices by draining themselves.


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