Why is this the right time for Augmented reality and Virtual Realty ?


Why is Augmented reality and Virtual Realty important now?

Well, the concepts of augmented reality and Virtual reality, they are old. They have been around for awhile. But only recently, they became fully implementable, and they can be provided in a reliable fashion. 

Let’s see why.

1. High resolution cameras

ar1High resolution cameras on smart devices enable accurate image and object identification. Before, the cameras on smart devices did not have this resolution. And, therefore, whatever objects were identified, the error rate was very high.


2. Enhanced processing capabilities


Enhanced processing capabilities due to very high performing central processing units (CPUs) and graphical processing units (GPUs) on smart devices. This enables fast and reliable image processing, object identification, and feature extraction, which is so necessary for augmented and Virtual  reality. In addition, large memory and fast input and output memory access enables large amounts of augmented and Virtual reality object information’s to be stored and quickly used.

3. High definition displays

Thear2 other component is high definition displays on smart devices. This enables sharp virtual text, and
sharp images, to be superimposed on these smart devices in a very elegant, and yet, easy-on-the-eye fashion.



4. Improved data transfer


Today’s wireless and wired networking technology with faster data speed can enable AR/ VR servers and databases much efficiently. 

With today’s data seed the information can be quickly retrieved and brought to the AR/ VR enabled device. Letting the user to have a glance at the information with in fraction of second without any delay which is much needed.


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