What is Internet of things ?


How many objects you have that are connected to internet? About a decade ago you probably said one or may be two. Well today I got a work computer, I got a personal computer, I got a tablet, I got a smartphone, I’ve got a video game console , I’ve got a media player, I’ve got a smart TV , I even have a smart refrigerator. The number of mobile devices exceed the number of people on Earth. In addition, predictions are made that there will be 50 billion ‘things’ connected to the Internet by 2020. We are going to be in a world with billions of sensors. These sensors are taking information from real physical objects that are in the world and uploading it to the internet. Its the world that is constantly changing because of these sensors and internet and we call it Internet of Things

What is Internet of thingsIoT is pretty broad concept and in this blog will help you to understand what it is as quick and easy as possible. Here we go,  based on Internet of Things, now everything is going to be connected.  It provides networking to connect people, things, applications, and data through the Internet to enable remote control, management, and interactive integrated services. To put it simple, IOT is evolution of mobile, home and other embedded applications that are connected to Internet, integrating greater computing capabilities and using data analytics to extract meaning full information.

Though the term IoT is coined in 1999, It could be bit surprise to know that the first internet appliance was actually a coke machine in 1980. Ofcorse its a pretty basic implementation of internet connectivity, but the programmers were able to remotely check the stalk of machine form their PC’s. Though we have advanced since 1980’s , IoT has seen pretty limited improvements compare to what it can be.

Lets stroll into the living room of the future. Now immediately this room identifies you and taps into a cloud based profile of preferences like climate control, music, lighting and decor. Had a long day at work? The room knows based on the calendar app on your phone and biosensors that detect the stress via blood pressure and heart rate. So it turns off the rockabilly surf guitar you usually listen to, and switches to a more soothing classical music.

From environmental sensors outside and maybe even worn within your clothing itself, it knows it was snowing earlier, so the climate control begins to crank up the heat in anticipation as your walk through the door.

Now on the software side we’re talking about algorithms that are so sophisticated, they may be able to predict what you want before you know you even wanted it. So when you walk to the refrigerator, it tells you not only what’s in there, it tells you what you can make with the stuff you already have. And it’s already telling you what’s inside and what’s the perfect meal based upon your mood, your activity level, and maybe even, well, your weight loss plan for some of us.

So the concern is if machines become that smart, they may take our day today tasks. So where do humans fit in, do we have a point any more ? So this is the issue some of the great minds are studying to address with. These growing implementation of automation. Earlier this year, billgates warn the public that demand of many jobs at the lower end of skill set , determined as drivers, nurses, waiters, substantially lower in 20 years from today.  While this isn’t directly related to automation of tasks, AI is also a growing concern. ELON MUSK has recently been trying to increase awareness danger of AI and automation stating that bad super intelligence could become a massive threat to our way of lives in little as 5 years. So what can we say about IOT well it has potential to increase ease and efficiency of our lives by large margins in coming years. And can potentially save lives with instant reporting from devices that monitor our health. But with increase in automation comes a legitimate threat to the jobs of masses and potential threat to our health and safety with advances in AI. So lets just hope that we can maintain those intelligence like jarvice.