Top 5 noise cancelling headphones of 2017



While choosing  a pair of headphones, there are always a lot of things to take into consideration. There are a lot of them out there and looking for the best one can be a challenging for you. So we spent hours narrowing it down to our top five noise cancelling headphones in the market this year, based on customer needs.

To make it clear every product of the following list will perform well as noise cancelling headphones. Designed to keep the outside noise out and the sound in the headphones in.  Its up to you to consider the best one based on your requirement and budget.


 Sony MDR 1000x

Sony MDR 1000 x - Top 5 noise cancelling headphones of 2017In terms of sound quality SONY MDR 1000X noise cancelling headphones are  just a piece of art and stands top in our list. These are the most technologically advanced headphones that Sony has ever come up with.

With a 20 hour battery life and extremely soft padding on the inside, these are definitely designed for the business class and travelers in mind. Sony did a great job in the noise cancellation feature, you can be playing your favorite song and you won’t even notice what’s happening around you.

The design is pretty well-made. The earcups are completely wrapped in synthetic leather both on the outside and inside, super comfy to wear.

The position of the physical buttons and the gesture controls are in place. Also it comes with a good microphone for calls whether Skype or through your mobile. The Sony MDR 1000 x has a personal optimizer mode that allows you to customize the quality of the sound as you prefer and a quick listen mode which can make the experience much more enjoyable.

In short these headphones despite having a focus on  noise cancellation they are made for all purposes.

Bose QC 35

BOSE QC 35 - Top 5 noise cancelling headphones of 2017If you are somebody who frequently listens to music in airplanes, train stations or travel and you want the best noise cancelling tech that money can buy? Then Bose QC 35 could be your option.

Overall sound quality is extremely high with the QC 35 . It is light extremely well padded and remain comfortable even if they spend the whole day on your head .

If you’re looking for a high-performing pair of wireless headphones that will cancel out all that background noise, then Bose QC 35 are for you.

However the only thing left to complain about Bose QC 35 is they don’t have an option to turn off the noise cancelling. Though it isn’t a big deal but some people might consider this a disadvantage.

Plantronics backbeat Pro 

Platonic backbeat Pro - Top 5 noise cancelling headphones of 2017This is our pick for the best budget noise cancelling pair of headphones. They deliver a decent solid sound quality in a comfortable design.

This pair of headphones come with bluetooth connectivity and a powerful battery that will give you hours of good music. The design is bit busy. The ear cups are decorated with switches, dials and buttons. They are made out of plastic material but still have decent look.

Its weight isn’t the best ever, only 360 grams but some people may think they’re heavy .

Well they don’t offer the same whisper quiet levels as the Sony MDR 1000x or the Bose QC 35 but they do offer some solid noise reduction levels at a more affordable price.

Sennheiser PXC 550

Sennheiser PXC 550 - Top 5 noise cancelling headphones of 2017Similar in many ways to the Sony MDR 1000x the PXC 550 offers a myriad of features.

These headphones’ have a variety of options to customize, making it attractive for people who like to personalize their gadgets.

With effective and customizable noise cancelling feature they come with an enviable sound quality powerful and clear in just one build.

The active noise cancellation is customizable letting you to adapt the scales of cancellation depending on the background noise. Also with its phone app you are allowed to create your own sound profiles. It comes with bluetooth connectivity and an integrated remote feature.

This is a great choice if you want to have everything in order like your music profiles your gaming environment and more.

JBL Everest elite 700 platinum

JBL Everest elite 700 platinum - Top 5 noise cancelling headphones of 2017If you listen to a wide styles of music in a wide array of locations and want to be able to customize your sound,  JBL Everest elite 700 platinum could be for you.

These are JBL’s most technologically advanced headphones they’ve ever created. But the thing that really makes it stand out is that it comes with a phone app that allows you to customize your sound profile at any given moment.

You can calibrate the sound signature and noise cancelling to fit your head. Even without the adjusted equalization the JBL Everest elite 700 platinum does show off a very well balanced design  and solid  comfort. The sculpted ear cups provide even pressure around your ears so the noise canceling itself isn’t quite as high quality compared to other headphones’ in our list.


Now the fact is there are a variety of noise cancelling headphones to choose from. So don’t be surprised if your brand couldn’t  make to our  list.