Top 10 Tech Life Hacks! – Part 1



There are all kinds of life hacks out there but here are 10 tech life hacks we think you need to know. 

  1. If you Google the words Set Timer followed by number of seconds or minutes you want  Google will automatically start a stopwatch with an alarm that buzzes when the time runs out


  1. If you drop the batteries from six inches above the ground and if they bounce then they’re dead and if they don’t they’re full. In this way you can keep track of how much power is left in them


  1. youtube hacksIf you want to download YouTube videos straight away without using any system software, then all you need to do is to type SS between WWW. and the youtube url of the video you want to download.  By next second you hit enter the video will start downloading.


  1. If you want to buy plane tickets for your next holiday do it in incognito mode. Airline manufacturers automatically set their prices to start rising if you continue to visit the same site. The site understands that you’re looking for holiday and it will keep trickling up the price. So actually clearing your cookies or simply by booking tickets in incognito mode, you can avoid all of that and get a cheaper plane flight.


  1. A great tip for charging your cell phone. Did you know that white USB cords can charge your phone faster than any other color. That’s because white cords reflect more electromagnetic interference than any other color, just like white color reflects more light than any other color. Apple has known this for a long time and it’s no surprise that they use white colored cables in pretty much every single one of their devices. This makes their devices appear to perform much better than competitors


  1. For those of you who use Microsoft PowerPoint did you know you can change the extension of your PowerPoint files from PPT to PPS.  So renaming them in this way means that as soon as you click on the file it will automatically open it in a slideshow format.  It loses the ability to be edited but at the same time it makes it a far more convenient file.


  1. Finding music that we can listen and won’t get distracted while working is really hard. So solution for that is listening to video game soundtracks. They are not only composed  to be interesting fun and unique but also they are centered around not distracting you from what you’re trying to do. Give it a go while you’re working you might be surprised by how little distraction it causes


  1. Next is a tip I’m sure we can all benefit from. Did you know that your internet speed is usually fastest in the morning. That’s because morning is the time  when the Earth’s disruptive magnetic field is the weakest. So if you’re going to download some large files try downloading in morning and you might get it done faster than if you did in the afternoon.


  1. Holding your cell phone parallel with the ground will give you a better cell signal. This is because radio waves travel along ground horizontally so lining your cell phones antennas up with that will give you better reception.
  2. Speed up the charging process of your phone by throwing it in airplane mode. Now this means you won’t be able to use your phone while it charges but it’s a nice way to get a boost in juice when you’re in a hitch. This works especially well if you don’t plan on using your phone while it’s charging