Saturn’s sixth moon Enceladus could host alien life – NASA


NASA just discovered its most compelling evidence for alien life. The evidence lies in Saturn’s sixth moon Enceladus .

Enceladus contains a vast ocean beneath its surface. Scientists think its ocean floor could be blooming with life. One of the biggest remaining questions was what would these potential alien swimmers eat ?

Saturn's moon could host alien life - NASA

NASA thinks it has the answer: hydrogen.According to researchers, the only plausible source of this gas could be hydrothermal reactions between hot rocks and water in the ocean beneath the icy surface of Enceladus. Scientists have seen this process before on earth . On earth these environments host communities of life

Saturn's moon could host alien life - NASA

In these communities microbes consume hydrogen and CO2 for food. If hydrogen serves the same purpose on Enceladus . It would be the first food source for aliens ever discovered.

Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft  studies planet Saturn and its other natural satellites  :

Saturn's moon could host alien life - NASA

The discovery was bittersweet one for NASA. Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft is nearing the end of its msission. It made its closest and last fly by enceladus in 2015. That’s when it detected hydrogen in water plumes shooting out of the surface. Cassini will dive to its death in sep