Samsung Galaxy S8 – Best phone Samsung ever made


Galaxy S8 is an incredibly best phone Samsung has ever made. Quite possibly the best phone you can buy.

It comes in two versions  a smaller version with 5.8 inch display and then the bigger S8 plus with 6.2 inch screen. Even with these sizes S8 still feels a lot smaller than you might expect. Its not wide as other phones, making it easier to use in one hand. But lot taller making difficult to reach top of the screen with your thumb.

The smaller version is priced $720 and S8 plus comes with an addition of an other $100 more. There are several things to like in S8 but the best thing to happen with this phone is – its well polished design.

Top notch Design – they call it Infinity display

With almost every current smartphone in market looking same, Samsung nailed the design. Showing more awesomeness can be added to a smartphone. The phone is gorgeous! It’s so fresh, polished and redefined.

The screen in both the versions cover over 80% of the front. With a bright and vibrant quad HD super Amoled panel. Samsung call it as infinity display as its nice curve to the screen makes you feel like there are no borders on the edges.

Well built Hardware:

Besides the great design there are lot of other things to like about Galaxy S8 hardware. Its water resistant, has a great camera and it has wireless charging.

waterDepending on your market the latest 10 nanometer EXYNOS 8895 OCTA chip set or the SNAPDRAGON 835 powers all that Galaxy S8 can do. It is backed with 4GB of Ram and 64 GB of on-board storage that can be boosted with a micro SD card.


The other main hardware addition is Samsung deck, a dock that allows Galaxy S8 to become a computer giving you a full desktop experience on a monitor .  So the hardware is top-notch.

But what about the software? This is where Samsung falls short like other galaxy phones.

Software – Introducing Samsung’s virtual assistant BIGSPY

From the order of the on-screen buttons to full themes that almost change everything about the software appearance, there are tens of customization options added to the new software.

Samsung’s software on the S8 is almost as polished and good as its hardware, except when it comes to Bigspy.

Samsung is trying to sync its teethes into AI with its new virtual assistant named Bigspy,  which comes with phone. And the weird thing is that it does not do much, but Samsung put Bigspy  on this phone considering it’s an android phone that already has google assistant.  Samsung claims to update Bigsby in future software updates .

For now Bigspy does have some other features like a smart vision cameras which can detect real-world objects and bring up more information.  And also brings up relevant information like your calendar alerts and fitness tracking. 

To keep the phone as secure as possible there are ton of options for unlocking the device and keeping it secure. It has a finger-print reader that has been moved to the back right next to the camera to unlock your phone.  You also have an Iris scanner to unlock your phone by using your eyes.

Conclusion :

Overall the galaxy S8 is about as close to a perfect smartphone. While there are few software flaws. The hardware, its design, performance and features will do enough for you to forget about all those exploding Note 7 phones from last year. Samsung took the learning’s over the years of S6 and S7 and applied it to S8. It doesn’t look like a clown of any other phone in market. A completely fresh and refined phone that is worth of every penny you spend. Samsung  deserves a lot of credit to take this risk and pushing smartphone design ahead  after Note 7 explosions .


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