OnePlus may steal the show with their newest model


While smartphone rumors and debuts from tech icons like Apple and Samsung seem to soak up a lot of the limelight other smaller phone makers are turning out solid offerings in their own light!

One of them is Chinese tech firm OnelPus. And now with summer fast approaching we may see a new top-tier phone from One plus in the next couple of month.


Oneplus current flagship is the 3T, a capable Android tablet phone with a 5.5 inch screen, solid camera and impressive performance ports and low price.


Now rumors indicate Oneplus could debut their next phone to the 1+ 5 this summer.


Details of Oneplus 5

The phone could have six to eight GB of ram, 128 to 256 gigs of memory, a hot rod Snapdragon 835 CPU and AMOLED screen which  everyone loves.


Why isn’t it the 1+4 ?

Well because just like many hotels don’t have a thirteenth floor button in their elevators, four is considered an unlucky number in China.