Noise control technology – In simple words



Life is noisy . When you are at a big sporting event or in a concert, noise is not really an issue. But noise is definitely a problem when it comes to having a nap while travelling in a plane or working next to a colleague who never shuts his mouth.

So how do we control unwanted environmental noise to focus on what we are doing. Introducing active noise control technology. A technology that reduces irritating background noise while listening to music or travelling in a plane or working next to an irritating coworker.

This most often appears as active noise controlling headphones in market.

How noise controlling headphones work ?

Surprisingly they block environmental noise with more noise. Though you may find it not making any sense , this is the basic principle of physics which we learned at school.

Noise control technology

You may probably know that sound travels in waves. And these waves have peaks and troughs. If two of these waves are combined they create a resulting wave which is sum of these two original  waves. 

Noise control technologyIf peak of one wave meets peak of another wave then it increases the amplitude.  

Noise control technology
But if peak of one wave meets trough of another wave then the waves can cancel each other completely.

By using this principle noise cancelling headphones listen to your background or environmental noise with dedicated microphones and produce out of phase sound that destroys incoming sound waves before reaching your ears. In addition to this, earcups of these headphones are added with some pretty noise absorbing material, thereby giving you some serious sound isolation.

Concerns of noise controlling headphones

  1. Battery life 
    Biggest concerns with noise cancelling headphones is battery life. Unlike regular headphones these noise controlling headphones  need a separate power source usually a battery. So researching more about battery life and paying attention to more reviews before buying these products is recommended. Most of good noise cancelling headphones come with 15 to 24 hours of battery life
  2. Heavy design
    The level of comfort and design should also be considered while buying these headphones. Because of the extra noise controlling electronic added to isolate the sound, these headphones may be  heavier. So a poorly designed noise controlling headphones will not be comfortable for extended use.


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