Made by NASA GM RoboGlove are pair of Gloves for astronauts to easily carry heavy weights at outer space. Gloves are the garments worn to the hand which protects the hand from cold, heat, damage by friction, abrasion or chemicals and disease and in turn to provide a guard for what a bare hand should not touch. Considering these points, NASA and GM made RoboGloves that make astronauts as strong as an iron man.

RoboGlove - NASA GM made gloves for astronauts

These gloves can hold objects in an approximate weight of 15-20-lb. But when practically implemented it seems to be only 5-10 pounds which is effortless. 

The robotics are been placed into the gloves which are made more super strong when drowned. For initial stages general motors are being used on this project by researchers.

Robo glove is a separate entity of its kind. It is independent of every thing. The one thing that is needed is battery power. It currently comes with a modular battery that plugs into a power case that would fit on users belt. A single unit of this batter can power 2 gloves for 8 hours.

The vivid feature of this material is to grasp the objects while reducing sprain on the hand.  The sensors inside and outside the glove in the robotics will detect holding gestures. Synthetic vigor will imitates how a real hand functions. These robots will pull the fingers into a gripping a gesture around the objects.

RoboGlove - NASA GM made gloves for astronauts

NASA GM RoboGlove is a patented technology available for use through a license agreement with NASA. It can benefit wide range of applications and uses that can be sold to a wide range of markets. These markets include Constructions, Manufacturing, Automative, Medical, Oil & gas and many more.