Mastercard introduces next generations Biometric credit card



We’re already using our fingerprints to unlock things like our Smartphones, laptops and other password protected gadgets.

After smartphone and laptops now fingerprints are soon coming to payment cards .

MasterCard recently announced that they are developing a new biometric credit card. You can  scan and store two fingerprints on this card. Based on your convenience you can use any of these scanned fingers while paying.

Mastercard introduces next generations Biometric credit card

How it works ?

Straight forward it’s your credit card with a chip and a fingerprint sensor on it.

The sensor reads your fingerprint and the chip transmits your identification to the bank. And then your transaction gets authorized.

Along with making the payments super easy this also provides an added layer of security. Though you can still use pin codes or signatures.

The new card is currently being tested in South Africa and is estimated to go worldwide by end of 2017.

In the age where pin and signatures are easy to hack, this bio-metric card can be considered as a good alternative for security.