Man made diamonds , are they real ?Identically natural counterpart gems can be made by a new technique where diamonds are grown in lab. Compared to the mined diamonds these man made diamonds are cheaper and can even be produced in a short time period. These diamonds are not even able to be distinguishable to the naked eye, they are very minute and are radical. 

These lab grown diamonds which are been improved using the new method and are chemically identical to mined ones. A “diamond seed” is selected for the makeover of this lab diamond and it is made sure that these seeds have no cracks in them. 



These diamond are formed in a chamber which is created with a plasma ball of hydrogen, to this content Methane is added which turns into hydrogen and carbon. At the end carbon deposits on the seed builds diamond. It is declared that 10 – 12 weeks are taken to form a synthetic diamond. These process lab – made diamonds are almost identical and clear when compared to the mined ones.

Specific components of these lab made diamonds like  hard, chemical structure and composition are all similar to mined diamonds. By the end of 2020 the expected laboratory diamond is to make up to 15% of the diamond trade.  

Are Man Made Diamonds Really Diamonds? Know more about how diamonds are made and how man made diamonds are very similar to mined diamonds in the below video