There are a lot of amazing websites on the internet in this post I’ll show you ten more Incredible websites in addition to my previous post  15 Incredible Websites That You Never Heard – Part 1

10Ten minute mail

As the name suggests you only have this email address for 10 minutes. It comes in handy when you need an email address for subscriptions or any other purpose where they require an email address. This can eliminate more spamming your everyday email accounts. All of your emails and this email address will self-destruct in ten minutes.

Website :

9Madeon’s Adventure Machine:

This amazing site lets you create electronic beat tracks with just a few clicks. There are three colors here first you’ll want to click on one of the blue ones then select a red one and then a green.

Website :


If you want to play a prank on your friends to make them think that you’re some kind of super hacker with amazing typing speed. Then check out this site all you have to do is open up the site and just hit any of the keys on your keyboard the site will show predefined code. When you type enough code just hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and you’ll get the message access granted. Now people will think you’re some kind of hacker genius.

Website :

7Mount Everest in 3d

For many of us scaling the heights of Mount Everest is just an unrealistic dream. The next best thing is a virtual trek to the summit of Everest.

Website :

6Down for everyone or just me

Sometimes when you can’t connect to a website, it’s just you and not everyone else. This site lets you check that out. Just enter the URL and hit enter.

Website :

5Date to Date Calculator

This date to date calculator lets you calculate difference between two dates and years.

Website :


Solves any kind of math problem. From a basic math calculation to a complex equation.

Website :


Easiest way to share snapshot of your computer screen.

Website :


StripCreator lets you create your own comic and share. You can even read comics created by other users as well.


Flip Text and use it to on your Facebook and Twitter.

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