How do Fitness Tracker Work?


In a everyday busy life keeping an eye on your food being consumed and workout goals can be quite challenging. The hardest part is sticking to the diet and keeping track of your daily activities. This is the reason why companies are investing  in the growing wearable market by selling fitness trackers that you can wear on your wrist and take anywhere with you.ftbt

From keeping track of your exercises to how much fat you have burned, these devices  provide info on everything to make you fit and healthy. They can even warn you to get away from the sun if you are exercising outside for too long.

So a fact to be amazed is that how does something that tiny size do this much stuff.

Inside your average fitness tracker you’ll find tons of components that track all the required information for your fitness.

Accelerometers and GPS


Accelerometers and GPS are standard components which can also be seen in a smartphones.

Accelerometers allow the Fitness tracker to tell how many steps you’re taking everyday. Whereas GPS, track total distance walked or ran by you.

But unlike your smartphone some good fitness trackers have more advanced motion sensors. These motion sensors are not only more accurate but can use positional data to determine exactly what exercise you’re doing.

Heart rate tracking

ftbt5This is important for people who want their heart beating at a certain rate for better heart conditions or weight loss.

Unlike the EKG which your doctor uses to monitor your heart rate, the fitness tracker enabled with an optical heart-rate, measure your heart rate using light. This is to figure out how good your heart is working.  They shine light at your skin that’s powerful enough to light up your capillaries to figure out how much blood is flowing based on how much light is reflected back.  Capillaries are the little blood vessels close to the skin’s surface.

Higher-end models even measure your skin’s electrical impedance which fluctuates based on how fast your heart beats. This is the same tech used in heart rate monitors on gym treadmills

UV sensors

UV sensors in your fitness band informs you, while you are absorbing harmful UV radiation from the sun. The related software warns you to get out of the sun by comparing the UV radiation values around you, with the values identified by the scientists, to be harmful. Thereby protecting you from the sun if you are likely to burn.

ftbt3Additional sensors measure everything from perspiration levels to wrist movements in order to track sleep patterns and give recommendations as to how you can improve your sleeping habits.



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