11 Hidden Google Secrets You Didn’t Know Existed!


Google is so popular that when we tell people to look something up on the internet we tell them to Google it. What many people don’t know is that Google has hidden some fun secrets and easter eggs into their online searching tool. So lets dig in some amazing Google secrets you may not know existed

1. Pacman

Pacman-Google secrets

Game Pacman is one of the hidden Google secret that’s been around for several years. In 2010 to celebrate pac-man 30th anniversary Google brought the 80s classic game to a search page. Just type Pacman in the Google search bar and hit enter and then Click to play now. Use arrow keys on your keyboard as controlers 


2. Distance and flights between two cities

Distance and flights between two cities - Google secrets

To find the distance and flights between two cities you just type in the name of two city. For example  Googling New Orleans – Dallas will give you a flight information from New Orleans to Dallas along with approximate driving time which is 7 hours of 18 minutes and approximately 505 miles.

3. Askew

To have your search results appear to be slightly slanted type askew into the search bar. As you scroll through the results you’ll see that they’re all slightly slanted


 4. Atari breakout

Atari breakout - Google secrets

In 2013 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Atari’s  breakout game just like Pacman, Google made Atari breakout playable on image search . Google for Atari Breakout and  select images,  wait for a second and and you see Atari breakout game loaded on your screen. You can use keyboard arrows or mouse to play. Have fun!

5. Calculator

Calculator-Google secrets

Many of you know that you can do simple math right in the search bar. For more advanced mathematical equations just type calculator into the search bar  and now you have a scientific calculator without having to go to any external links. Just use your keyboard for any of the simpler to complex math equations


6. Do a barrel roll

To see search results doing a barrel roll, just type in the search Do a barrel roll and you will be amazed to see what happens next.

7. Zerg rush

Zerg rush - Google secrets

If you’re familiar with games like Missile Command then you should have no problem figuring this one out. Type in Zerg rush into the search bar  and then defend the search results against a swarm of invading letters by quickly clicking on the letters as they work their way down the page.

 8. Alternative language search

If you’re an expert at alternative languages like Klingon, Elmer, Fudd, Pirate or even hacker, Google has specific search bars just for you. Just head over to settings select – > search settings then Select languages. Click on Show more and pick your alternative language. Select any of your alternative language and you’ll notice that the language has changed on Google search page. Just remember to switch back to your preferred language when you’re done

9. Flip a coin

Flip a coin-Google secrets

When you have a difficult decision to make, flipping a coin is one method that can help you out. So when you don’t have a coin handy type flip a coin into the search bar click Flip it to flip it again


10. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe-google secrets

Have you ever played Tic Tac Toe as a child. Then you will like this. Search for the term “Tic Tac Toe ” to play the game without visiting any link.

11. Google in 1998

Google in 1998 - Google secrets

Want to know how google looked when it started in 1998 ? Just Google for the term “ Google in 1998 ” you will get the 1998 google search page experience