Passenger Drones also called as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming next big thing. They have no human pilot on-board, and are not even controlled by a person on the ground. These drones are mainly focused to built in the future era just only to come over the problem of traffic jam. Here are 10 Passenger drones you should know about

1 Airbus Pop.Up

Pop.Up visualizes an interchangeable system for multi-modal transportation covering both ground and airspace. The interior design of this vehicle combines of a small two seater ground vehicle and speed of a vertical take-off and landing air vehicle.


By combining aero and car functionality in perfect harmony it heralds a new era in efficient and exciting travel, offering users an unparalleled choice of transport on the road or in the air. For time being the project is a concept but in near future of 7 to 10 years similar to this could be  a reality.

2Aeromobil 4.0


The 4.0 model of AeroMobil is the company’s first commercially available vehicle featuring hundreds of improvements, both in design and in engineering, compared to the prototype unveiled two and half years ago.

3Terrafugia TF-X

Terrafugia TF-X is the first fully self-ruling flying car which was developed by Boston-based Terrafugia. It comes with four passenger seats and an engine fixed with two electric motors for propulsion. It comes with an efficient size where it can be parked in a single car garage.

TF-X is planned to have a flight range of 500 miles that is nothing but 805 km with a cruising flight speed of 200 mph which is of 322 km/h without the need to refuel or rechargeIf there is an emergency landing, then the authorities will be automatically notified of the situation and the TF-X can be landed in a non-approved landing zone.

4EHANG 184

EHANG 184 is an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV),     which is the smartest, safest and Eco-Friendly low altitude vehicle.

It’s a one passenger carrying vehicle which does not take much time to make the passenger reach to their destination of very short distance in a very short period of time. It is completely electrified and runs with electricity charge. Its battery can be in full charge till 25 minutes in the air and then to be recharged again.

EHANG LOGO is automated to preset the take-off/landing points which are been targeted. The camera fixed in bottom will capture the landing targets automatically descend the vehicle on the ground moreover only an artificial intelligence will have.

5Volocopter VC2

Volocopter ultimate destination is to make a reinvention of the urban mobility. 

The material used in this volocopter is made of light fiber composite, and looks like a giant drone. Volocopter is combined with all electric motors and 18 rotors big blade powered by nine independent batteries. This vehicle is very eco friendly.

The automation of this Volocopter 2X can fly completely and be easily operated using a joystick and assistive systems for support.

It’s a 2 seater aircraft and does not generate any noise pollution.  It can fly up to 62 mph which is equipped with a full vehicle parachute.

6 Joby S2

Joby S2 is a USA based startup that is focused to change the way we travel. It can carry 2 passengers and can fly at a speed of 200 miles per hour. 

The team behind Joby S2 claims that it can take us to the final destination five times faster than compared to an ordinary car.

It is completely a game-changing aircraft that promises to improve the way society works, lives, plays, and travels. It is quiet and reliable means of airborne transport. 

Joey believes, it can produce the S2 for a price around US$200,000 mark, and due to its fully electric operation, the  running costs should be a fraction of what a typical helicopter requires.

7Lilium Jet

Lilium jet is invented  as a new aircraft concept for the modern age. 

The electric lilium  jet engines work like turbofan jet engines in a regular passenger jet. A compressed fan is fitted in front of this vehicle which is a high performance electric motor.The big advantage of electric jet engines is their low noise signature for people on the ground.

It is very lightweight and every gram of its material counts. The whole structure of this jet is made from carbon fiber. The material used in this jet carbon fiber is five times stronger and three times stiffer than aluminum.

8 Terrafugia Transition

The word terrafugia itself represents “ Escape the Earth”. This mission is mainly built under the ideology to create practical flying cars that enable a new dimension of personal freedom.

Terrafugia was found by the group of 5 award-winning MIT graduates in 2006. Their main motto is of a common vision for the future of personal transportation.

The development of Terrafugia is now completing its final production vehicle design and ready for the testing mechanism and preparing to deliver within three years. To create a personal freedom  Terrafugia believe the future is in the simpler to  reach, and Terrafugia is  building it, today.



SkyRunner is a FAA certified special light-sport aircraft which is been blend with a rugged. The  SkyRunner is the most versatile and logistically competitive machine on the market. 

Skyrunner is being remodeled into a stylishly capable, without compromise with its aggressive, angular exterior and exposed tubular exoskeleton.

This model is build for only those who are ready to experience the thrilling adventures behind the wheels. It is full of macho pulse pounder which is been attracted by many people and also impressed by its design. 

The design of this vehicle itself resembles that it’s a sportive and an adventurous stunt making vehicle which is been a passion of the present generation.


To reinvent the design of helicopter almost after a long time period of 78 years SureFly is been designed as an aircraft for a very safe and easy flight. Aimed to change the industry of helicopter surefly is defined in the time to discover the affordable and an easy-to-pilot, safe answer to personal flight.

  • SureFly packs an on-board fully padded backup battery system.
  • Dual Lithium Battery Packs 7.5kWh each which is used for emergency landing It works on a full computer and an electrical system tautology.
  • The top speed of this vehicle is 70 mph.
  • Have a capability of a flight ceiling which may reach unto  4000 feet.