Everything you should know about new Google’s Mountain view office – Charleston East


This is googles futuristic new campus. Its called google Charleston East.  It will be near googles current Mountain view offices. It’s the first time google has built its office from scratch.

This is what Google’s incredible new campus will look like
 The building will look like a giant canopy. It will regulate indoor climate, air quality and even indoor noise. The campus will be open to the public. Google envisions it as a destination for the local community, with a pedestrian walkway going through the building

The building will be two stories tall and 595,000 square feet. The first floor will have restaurants and shops. Googles offices will be on the second floor

The eastern side of the building will have an oak deck. With lots of green space all around the campus

The city of mountain view still has to approve the plans. Construction is expected to take about 30 months