DJI Spark drone review – The cheapest and smallest Drone DJI ever made

DJI Spark drone review

If there’s one thing DJI drone is good at, its stuffing tons of features and functionality into really small drones. And company’s new portable Spark drone is perfect example to fit in. Anyone can pick up and get great results with even if they know nothing about piloting a drone.

We recommend you considering four categories before buying a drone – price,  performance , usability and portability. Considering these four categories here is our detailed DJI Spark drone review. 


Available at $500 DJI Spark drone is by far the cheapest drone DJI has ever made.

Despite the fact that this drone size of your smartphone, DJI somehow managed to stuff it full of many of the same goodies that you’d find on the company’s bigger bulkier and more expensive drones. So if you’re looking to get into the Hobby but don’t want to spend too much cash , the DJI spark is the easiest way to go.


The biggest addition of DJI spark is that you don’t need a remote control or a mobile app to control it. You can launch and land it from the palm of your hand and control its movements with some simple gestures

  • Extend your arm by holding drone in your palm, double tap the power button for drone to scan your face and take off.
  • Extend and move your hand left / right / up / down to control its motions.
  •  Make a picture frame with your thumbs and forefingers of your two hands for the drone to recognize you and take a snapshot within countdown of three.
  • Wave your hand to head it up to 20 feet from you, to take a more stunning aerial view.
  • Wave it right back in, it’ll come land in your palm   

All of this stuff can be done without using a smartphone or a controller which is pretty cool. DJI spark comes with bunch of brand new modes that allow anyone to capture great cinematic shots without any prior piloting skills.

The spark is also equipped with a vision system that allows it to recognize things like objects faces and even gestures. If you’re a beginner you can also control the spark right from the mobile app.

Flight options

Along with all the standard functions included in DJI drones, Spark comes with four more new flight options.

Rocket – Drone flies straight up into the air with the camera pointing straight down

Dronie – Drone flies up and backward but stay locked on the subject

Circle – Drone orbits you no matter where you go

Helix – Drone orbit outward and a spiral but stay locked on the subject

These sets of automated flight modes were designed from scratch to make it super easy to fly. Making it by far the most accessible drone DJI has ever produced


Spark is definitely a winner when it comes to portability check. Its about the size of a smartphone and weighs not more than a soda can even with an extra battery.  Its a definitely light enough for you to take on a hike.


DJI claims that Spark drone can fly for 16 minutes on full charge and with strong winds you may experience around 10 minutes of battery life. The nicest part is that it can be charged even with a portable micro USB which you use for your smartphone. So battery life comes in handy.

With intelligent flight features builtin, Spark can automatically follow you, avoid obstacles while moving forward and take some fancy pre-programmed cinematic shots.


The spark has a lot good going for it but there are few downsides that we just can’t skip over

1. The small size of the drone definitely comes with convenience but bring problems with it when their are strong winds.

2. Unlike just about every other drone the spark doesn’t have a 4000 camera. Its max video resolution is 1080p at 30 frames per second. Thats good enough for your Facebook and Instagram but not a professional grade.

Conclusion :

With a lot of powerful features that can rival much larger and expensive drones, Spark is definitely the closest we have come yet to the perfect starter drone. Its is completely a drone for somebody who’s just getting into this hobby and don’t want to spend too much cash.

So if you don’t mind the professional grade video quality, the Spark would be a fantastic drone to stuff in your backpack and take along with you for your next adventure