In the year 2017 we had seen an incredible inventions in bikes. It is not just about big brands but startups came up with some cool bike ideas from full body workout to making your ride easier on water and mountains as well. Here are 8 cool bike inventions in 2017 that you need to know.

8Manta5 – Water Bike

The Manta5 is a hydrofoil water bike. Same technology used in sailboats is used in Manta5 bikes to get it cut through water.

7SnoGo – Skiing while Cycling

Do you love skiing ? The SnoGo makes your Skiing experience more exotic. It combines Skiing with Cycling.

6VyCle – Bike up a wall instead of Using An Elevator


This VyCle is an alternative to the elevator. It could be used for moving from floor to floor or in construction to quickly scale a skyscaper.

5GeoOrbital – Make Any Bike An Electric Bike

Cant afford an electric bike ? The GeoOrbital wheel make your normal bike an electric one. Watch the video to know how.

4ELF Bike – Solar-powered bicycle-car

ELF bike looks more like an electric car. It can be powered by both solar or by manual pedaling.

3Twicycle – Workout for both Arms and Legs

Twicycle has moving handlebars. Along with your legs you can also workout your arms with TwiCycle. Watch video to see how it works.

2Cardigo Bike – Full body Workout Bicycle

The cardigo bike provides an even more complex workout. You need to push and pull the handle while pedaling to make this bike move.

1Halfbike – Ride a Bike While Running

Halfbike is a bike without a seat. It fill the gap between riding a bicycle and running.