5 Best Programming Languages to Learn

Best Programming Languages to learn

The following are 5 best programming languages which are picked with very precision based on their popularity in the market. This popularity includes type of projects, kind of jobs being offered and the amount of money that you can earn with these languages.

Following are 5 programming language that you should be looking up, to begin your career in programming.


5. PHP


One of the biggest reasons to learn PHP is because its everywhere. Love it or hate it more than 40% of websites on internet use PHP in one or the another form.Wordpress is actually a big chunk of that. Which is popular CMS or blog platform on internet.


PHP is an easy and great programming language to learn if you are looking for a job. Am not saying it is the best but it is up there. There are ton of web designing and development companies that use CMS platforms like WordPress , Drupal, Joomla or even Magento all of these are powered by PHP.


You can develop your own CMS in any language but with WordPress and its prebuilt plugins  you can roll out any project in very less time.


If you trying to be a freelancer then PHP is a good option to start with. Many clients on freelancing websites ask for huge e-commerce and other web development projects in very less time. In that case CMS platforms like WordPress and Magento comes in handy which are powered by PHP.

Preferred book to learn PHP Head First PHP & MySQL  


4. Java

It’s the most popular language around.  Android is the main reason for Java to be  very popular. And android development is is pretty cheap, you just need to spend around $30 for lifetime to publish multiple apps on Google playstore.  If you wanted to get started with Android Development there is no other way but learning JAVA.


A great number of web apps can be developed using JAVA. And a lot of companies are dependent on JAVA for managing the back-end services. From being a freelancer to working at a software company and developing your own apps,  learning JAVA will give you some wide range of career options

But compare to other languages on list, learning curve is quite heavy with JAVA.

Preferred book to learn JAVA – Head First JAVA


3. Swift

If you’re getting started with Swift you are making a very good move. Since Swift is new to market and is being  backend by the Apple it is having very good demand in the market. Currently all the apps that are being used on iPads, iPhones or even TV apps are being backed by Swift.

The language is pretty new and its right time for you to grab the opportunity if you are interested in developing apps for iOS devices.


One good reason about Swift is that it is very much inspired by Python. Easy to code, very meaningful and no more thinking twice about semicolons.

Preferred book to learn SWIFT – Learning Swift 


2. Python


With recent enhancement in machine learning, deep learning, data science and artificial intelligence Python is back on track. From web apps, games, system apps to AI you can develop pretty much anything by learning Python to its full core.


It is simple , easy to learn and most demanding language in market. You can find some good career offers by finding grip on Python.

If you are planning to learn how to code then begin with Python 3.

Preferred book to learn Python – Learning Python



  1. JavaScript


JavaScript is a nice lightweight object oriented program. With its involvement in backend technology like node.js Javascript turned out to be the hottest programming language.


You can write front-end and backed of a website in JavaScript. In case if you learn angular 2 and react.js you can use one language to interact with the database, to interact with the fron-end, to produce iOS native Apps , Android native apps and even games. So no wonder why JavaScript stands top in our list.

Preferred book to learn Javascript – Head First JavaScript programming