best gallery android apps

From a light weight gallery to creating and hiding photos, following are 10 Best gallery android apps you need to look into. 

1F-Stop Gallery     Android

Organizes all the photos and videos on our device. We can search our photos based on the metadata provided and also can add tags to our photos for simple form of organizing.

The best feature of this app is we can read the metadata directly from our images with the support of EXIF, XMP, IPTC.

2Google Photos     Android

Google photos app is also been renamed as a cloud storage app where we can upload as many photos and videos as we want. It comes with wide range of security levels for our photos.

3PhotoMap     Android

PhotoMap app is an unique app compared to others as it lets us to take pictures and save them via location. We can use a map to view our photos based on where we took them.

4QuickPic       Android

QuickPic is one the best app which is been loved by all over 10 million users, with an overall rating of 4.6. This app is significantly smaller than other gallery apps but have a capability to pack more power than any of them.

It comes with free storage to backup your photos to cloud. It is packecd with internal photo editor, support for most multimedia files and the basic stuff like renaming photos, creating albums, and support for a variety of cloud services.

5A+ Gallery         Android

It is packed with many usual things like managing your photos, creating photo albums, and sharing photos. It comes with a vault feature where we can keep private images safely.

6Focus           Android

It has a very good features in it which includes an app lock function that will allow you to password protect your gallery.

This app will help to prevent others from swiping when we are showing them our pictures. We can even browse our photos in an easy, fast, and fun with stunning focus.

7FOTO Gallery      Android

Foto Gallery app is a simple designed powerful learning app. Its feature called sorting technique helps us to organize thousands of our photos as soon as possible.

Some top features of this app include hiding private folders, easily moving files between folders. We can also play GIF with no lags in between.

8Piktures             Android

We can sort by various things such as location and we can hide albums if we don’t want people to see them. We even have a GIF support for those who enjoy that.

The main feature of this app is we have a location view to filter by countries and cities. We even have multiple sorting options like date, name and size.

9Gallery Vault        Android

It creates a private vault for our photos to keep them away from meddling eyes. We can hide photos, videos, and any other type of file supported by the app. We can also hide the icon so no one knows how to access it except you. It even supports some fingerprint-enabled devices.

10Photo Gallery HD & Editor        Android

Photo Gallery is a fast, lightweight and the most stable gallery app, making it the best alternative Android gallery app.  It comes with a rich photo collage templates.