Following is our list of Best Antivirus Apps

10CM Security – Android App 

CM Security comes with tons of security, antivirus and anti-malware features and tops our list of best Antivirus apps.

CM Security is a free app and has a special feature called Intelligent Diagnosis. Based on our phone status this helps us to detect solutions for Antivirus, Junk Clean, and Phone Booster.

We can choose our own style of lock screen from around hundreds of AppLock themes. One best feature which impressed us is its auto selfie taking feature when someone tries to unlock our phone. 


9360 Security – Android App 

360 Security is the high rated and the most popular app with 100 million+ downloads. This malware app comes with bulk of features which includes the ability of scanning device files, apps and games, even to enable real-time protection and anti-theft feature.

The main focal points of this app are –

Intruder Selfie : Which records the date & time of App Lock .

Real time protection : It gives a best payment & shopping security. Also scans all the installed apps & local APK files.

8AVG Antivirus Android App 

AVG Antivirus is a a well known PC antivirus software showing its influence in mobile apps as well. It has more than a 100 million downloads till date and a valuable rating of 4.4 in the Play Store.

The performance of this app is comparatively high in case of:

  • Balancing the speed of Wi-Fi download.
  • Clearing the junk files and allowing the free space for the storage memory.
  • With the help of anti theft we can locate our lost phone via Google Maps and can even wipe our phone and SD card content.

7Avast Mobile Security Android App 

Avast mobile security provides high level security line with a real-time protection and a preferred threat-detection. It helps us to get ride of all those disturbing viruses and malware’s which causes irrelevant popup and unwanted ads.

It makes our infected websites, SMS and phone calls to be secured and virus free. It comes with some notable features like antivirus engine, Power Save, Junk Cleaner, WiFi Scanner and lot more.

The unique feature of this app is it will let us to check the security of each network and email to browse and makes it very secure to pay our payments wherever we are.

6Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Android App 

Similar to Avast Mobile Security this app helps us to block malware and problem creating links. It helps to filter all the unwanted calls and messages and even gives a safe security protection to our private communication.

In the case of missing our device this app helps us to block the data to be stolen by the third party.

Key points of this app are:

  • Provides block option to prevent us to access an infected app.
  • Patrols our personal data when the device is missed.
  • Keeps the private data secure.

5CM Browser Android App 

CM Browser is a trifling mobile browser, helps in protecting the device from the malicious threats which gives rapid browsing speed. Any video can be downloaded with help of CM Browser

Its feature of Ad Block function will help to clean the disturbing pop-ups, banner ads, and video ads.

4Norton Security and Antivirus Android App 

Norton is an all-in-one mobile security and virus detection app for our smartphones.

Notable features of this app are

  • It automatically checks our phone/device after 10 failed unlock attempts.
  • In-case if the SIM card is removed it will simultaneously locks our device.
  • As well it allows to remove all the malware infected sites from the search result option.

3Antivirus Free – Virus Cleaner Android App 

Antivirus Free gives a most effective dual – engine protection. This will make the device to run more faster compared to others.  

Two main highlights of antivirus free-virus cleaner are :

  • Professional engine: The search algorithm will enable a rapid scanning and an extensive detection of virus.
  • Lightweight and low power consumption: this helps in consuming very less power and phone memory.

Unique features of this app are

  • One tap scan which will helps to clear all the junk,
  • cloud scan which gives an intense response to any virus attacks or latest threats,
  • real-time protection will give a safe security to the data all the time.

2McAfee Mobile Security & Lock Android App 

McAfee is the most recognizable antivirus app. This app is featured with phone support and backup services. It has added a new method to boost the phone with “power booster”.

It comes with anti-theft secured free features to help us backup our data in a secure manner. Like S.O.S which saves our last device location before our device gets switched off. Anti spyware will help to stop the personal information to be secured from the hackers or thieves.

1Avira Antivirus Security Android App 

Avira Antivirus Security comes with features like anti-theft, device scanning and real-time protection. It even have the ability to scan the external or the internal SD. 

The unique feature of this app is it even shows how each app in our device collects the sensitive data and stores it securely. It even helps user to blacklist the unwanted contact from particular numbers.