10 Best Android Zombie Games You Need To Check | 2018 Best Apps

best android zombie games

From confronting flesh eating Zombies to surviving on a planet possessed with evils. Playstore is flooded with dozens of zombie games. To make it simple we selected 10 best Android zombie games you need to check.

1Zombie Anarchy          Android

Zombie Anarchy is to stand among the living in the strategy durability games. We have to build our own defenses to protect our camp from an army of raiders and oppose them against the live lives in online.

some of the main steps to be taken in this app are we have to collect the survivors, defend the camp which acts as an anti to our plans, after then we have to wipe out the dead, later on grab our weapons and overcome the APOCALYPSE, and last we can become the LEGEND.

2Dead Trigger 2 – Zombies            Android

In this Dead Trigger 2 the main struggle is to survive the zombie apocalypse from the heart-stopping first person shooter. During this we have to fight our own way through ten regions and explore 33 unique environments.

The best features of this app are we have tournaments for Real Prizes by scoring. We can even explore our personal hideout and meet the Gunsmith, Scientist, Smuggler and Engineer.

3DEAD TARGET: Zombie              Android

We can feel the tsunami of zombies attacking us in a free fun way and can enjoy the feeling of assassinate large violation of zombies pushing toward us. It comes with e a 3D graphics with realistic lighting to present the infection of zombie.

4Zombie Avengers                  Android

A perfect combination of Stickman and zombies that take players into the future to save humanity where the world is covered by full of zombies.

5Into the Dead 2               Android

Into the dead is a long time runner game with a survival mechanism. All we have to do is to run as long as possible and try not to die. It also comes with other missions, challenges, and even dog companions supporting in this game.

6Plants vs Zombies 2                  Android

Plants vs zombies 2 is a tower defense game. This game has an award-winning hit action-strategy adventure where we can meet, greet and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn time to the end of day.

7The Walking Dead No Man’s Land                         Android

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land comes with a ton of activities and missions to complete like most freemium RPGs. It comes with a wide range of characters from the TV show and comic book series.

The five main steps to follow in this game are to Fight, Collect, Choose, Hunt, Join other players in a tough weekly challenges and PVP combat for exclusive rewards and awards.

8Zombie Gunship Survival             Android

Zombie Gunship Survival is such a game which has the base mechanics from the first game. All we have to do is to sit in a helicopter and save humans by mowing down zombies.

9Zombie Smasher                Android

Zombie Smasher is a popular zombie arcade game in the previous times. We have to kill or destroy the zombie one after the other to complete the level. Power ups and obstacles will make the game more harder to play.