Shopping for right air purifier in India might be confusing. We have some big brands like Philips and Honewell providing incredible products in this market. But the market is crowded with misinformation and confusing claims. The rest of my answer may guide you in selecting effective air purifier for your home and family.

There are 3 air purifier technologies commonly marketed.

  1. HEPA Type Filtration
  2. Electrostatic precipitators
  3. Ozone Generators

These technologies vary greatly in their ability to effectively purify the air . After years of testing and collecting thousands of customer reviews, we only recommend only HEPA Type Filtration. This is widely recognized as the most powerful for air purifier units. In India Brands like Honeywell and Philips all use High Efficiency air filters in their units to capture air born particles.

Basically a high efficiency HEPA Type Filter is mandatory if youre looking for a truly effective air purifier.

Following are 3 best Air purifiers in India based on your budget and room space.

As said it uses HEPA type filtration and covers area about 30 sq meters . It comes with three stage advanced filtration system to remove pollutants. A good buy for people living in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. It does a good job in the given price , can buy it without any second thought. It is recommended to close windows while using it.



Filter type :    HEPA

Coverage area :    Coverage area: 323 sq. ft. / 30 sq. mtrs

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 250 m3/hr

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Comes with HEPA type filtration and is much recommend for medium sized bedrooms and living room.  It covers an area about 400 sq. ft. / 37 sq. mtrs.

You have an additional option to control this device with your phone. You can download Mi Home app and use your phone as remote to switch it on and off.   It also allows you to monitor air quality and also sends you a reminder notification when the filter needs to be changed.

Filter type :    HEPA

Coverage area :    400 sq. ft. / 37 sq. mtrs

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 310 m3/hr

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If budget isnt your concern and have a larger room space than 40 sq meters then I would recommend you to go with

Even this comes with HEPA type filtration and is much recommend for bigger rooms. It covers an area about 75 sq mtrs . Unlike Honeywell air touch it comes with Ultra silent sleep mode making less noise compared to other air purifiers in market. It turns down fan speed and noise level in silent mode for a comfortable night sleep. It has a child lock, comes with digital timer and auto switch of mode and is also easily portable.



Filter type :    HEPA

Coverage area :    Coverage area: 818 sq. ft. / 76 sq. mtrs

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 376 m3/hr

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